What is MILK?

MILK is the Pass of Purcow Digital Asset Services Community, an incentive for the community to achieve autonomy, and a warrant for the corresponding rights of the Purcow community.

Holding MILK's interest?

Trading subsidy mining quota.

The more account lock MILK, the higher the trading subsidy mining quota.

The release of MILK

The total amount is 400 million.
Initial allocation:
100% of MILK is generated by "transaction is mining"

Trading is mining

1. Locked warehouse MILK has been able to mine the amount of mining.

Account mining quota = number of locked MILK of account / 10000 * X (the number of locked MILK is the number of snapshots before 23:59:59, taking an integer, ie less than 10,000 fractions are not counted, the initial value of X is 500 MILK, subsequent adjustments based on MILK output and circulation)

2. Trading subsidies for mining.

The number of real-name account lock MILK reaches 10,000, which becomes a silver member. The number of MILKs in real-name account locks reaches 100,000 and becomes a gold member. Silver members receive the equivalent MILK subsidy based on 0.01% of the transaction amount; Gold members receive the equivalent MILK subsidy based on 0.015% of the transaction amount; the part exceeding the lockable amount of the locked warehouse is no longer subsidized, and the limit of the mineable amount is limited. . Trading subsidies for mining, Archimedes leveraged trading projects do not participate in mining. Mining MILK is calculated every hour, and MILK is produced once a day. For example, a 14:15 contribution transaction, subsidized by MILK average price between 14:00-15:00.

3. MILK "immature" status.

MILK will be in " immature " condition, and 90 days later, it becomes a locked position and then can start underlockIng.MILK can not afford to enjoy MILK's rights, nor can we increase the amount of mining available, nor can we increase the amount of mining available