Archimedes Margin

The world's first MT4 cryptocurrency margin and short trading platform

Making N times the investment of 1 of assets

Comparison of earnings (if 2017.11.30 is bought for 30 days with a value of 10,000 USDT)
Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin (symbol: BTC) gains 50%
Revenue: After the user B clears the trend, the leveraging ability of the financing account can be used to significantly amplify the investment income.
  • User A : Exchange
  • Assets : 10 BTC financing
  • Ratio : 0%
  • Purchasing power : 10 BTC
  • Interest : 0
  • Revenue : +5000USDT
  • Yield : +50%
  • User B : Margin
  • Assets : 10 BTC financing
  • Loan Ratio : 2x
  • Purchasing power : 20 BTC
  • Interest : 0.3% daily
  • Earnings : +10000USDT
  • Yield : +132%
Shorting: The strategy that investors use when they think a certain digital currency asset will fall. When the investor does not hold the digital currency asset, he can borrow the digital currency asset and then sell it in the market; after the digital currency asset falls, he can buy it back from the market at a lower price, thereby earning the middle. Spread.
Example: User A is optimistic that BTC will fall in the next 7 days, so borrow BTC, then sell it at 9000 USDT in the market, and buy it back from the market at BTC price of 8000 USDT after 7 days, thus earning a difference of 1000 USDT.

How to Charge

0.25% Commission

The Archimedes community charges a Margin trading buyer (seller) unilaterally for a fee of 0.25%

Charge user interest = trading user position * position time.

If the position is less than one day, the interest will be charged for one day. The interest will be charged for the next day at 24:00 in Dongba District (free during the loan interest promotion period)

Free during loan promotion

How to Start

  • Step 1

    Open MT4 margin account

  • Step 2

    Download and install MT4 software

  • Step 3

    Transfer in and trading

Risk Warning

Bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital currency special virtual goods, as the sale of goods on the Internet, the ordinary people have the freedom to participate on their own risk. The Archimedes community provides investors with leverage and short-selling businesses that are high-risk businesses.

Please be aware of the following points when using this service:

1. The business is automatically closed when the leveraged business triggers the closing line set by the system. So the business may cause investors to lose all their principal.

2. Please control the risk and don't invest more than your risk tolerance.

3. Please carefully read the Archimedes Leverage Trading Agreement and the Archimedes Leverage Trading Business Rules to avoid property damage caused by misjudgment of your own business.

4. Digital Asset Leverage itself is a high-volatility risk business that may skyrocket and plummet at any time. You must be alert to false propaganda when you engage in this business.

Check Archimedes Margin Trading Business Rules

Margin, earn both ups and downs.