Purcow, new species, born to be different.

The world is the public, for the first time advocates the blockchain destiny community

As we know,a few "boss" have earned enough money and the vast majority of users have mourned. This is like the game that the big capitalists crush the proletariat 200 years ago.

It is time to challenge inequality! It is time to unite and change this situation.

Purcow came into being!

The Purcow Digital Asset Services Community is a non-profit organization initiated by Tencent, Xunlei, and 360 former management. We have ethics, and no evil. We start with digital asset trading, ecological funds, leveraged trading, and wealth management to build a versatile ecosystem and create a “Utopia” of the blockchain world.

  • Building Consensus

    The blockchain has opened up a new worldview. We firmly believe that the future and destiny should be mastered by the participants and build a community of destiny, which is beautiful, equal, orderly and self-governing.

  • Against Hegemony

    We oppose all the hegemonism that exploits the advantages of centralization to exploit the participants, oppose the blockchain organization of all corporatization operations, and oppose all the currency exchanges for profit;.We must eliminate all classes and tricks that make use of unfair rules to profit.

  • Joint Governance

    Everyone can participate, work in a division of labor, orderly operation and healthy circulation under transparent rules, promote fairness and justice, improve the joint management of digital assets, and promote the healthy development of the industry.

  • Benefit Sharing

    Everyone is profitable as long as everyone contributes. There is no privilege, no centralization, and the distribution of benefits according to the contribution value, thus building a beautiful blockchain world of shared interests and common prosperity.

The name source of Purcow

As you travel through the slopes of northern Europe and see the black and white cows in the mountains, almost every head is exactly the same, you will feel tired. If there is a purple cow at this time, you will be pleasantly surprised and remembered.

In the world of blockchains, even though there are thousands of trading platforms, such as black and white cows in the mountains, what you need is a platform that offers unique value and distinctiveness. This is Purcow.

Purcow - born to be different! This is our tireless pursuit, the world is the public, and the community of blockchain destiny is the first.